March 2005

Rock Climbing A to Z series

by Tom Markiewicz on March 31, 2005

Shady Goings On has started a nice series of posts entitled Rock Climbing A to Z with the first on N for nuts.

2 dead after climbing Mt. Pumori in Nepal

by Tom Markiewicz on March 31, 2005

A Nepali guide and a Panamanian climber died after returning from Mount Pumori in Nepal. Both of them successfully climbed Mt. Pumori on March 25, but while returning, they climbed 100 meters down and unfortunately slipped and fell down in mountain trench of 500 meter depth which led them to the death. These two climbers […]

Blog of the day

by Tom Markiewicz on March 30, 2005

I just saw that All Climbing was posted as the “blog of the day”. Any publicity, no matter how small or large is welcome. Thanks!


by Tom Markiewicz on March 30, 2005

The following is a list of highly recommended climbing books: Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills Training for Climbing: The Definitive Guide to Improving Your Climbing Performance How to Rock Climb: Better Bouldering (How To Climb Series) How to Rock Climb!, 4th edition (How To Climb Series)

Gym climbing musings

by Tom Markiewicz on March 30, 2005 (of all places) has one of the funniest descriptions of a gym bouldering area: The high school senior continues to train in the gym’s bouldering section, a cavernous area that looks a bit like the alien bar scene in “Star Wars,” with walls splotched with wild colors and shapes. You have to appreciate any […]

The Great Adirondack Trail Run

by Tom Markiewicz on March 30, 2005

I just received this information from The Mountaineer: The Mountaineer is hosting the first annual Great Adirondack Trail Run on June 25th. The run is a benefit event for the Ausable & Bouquet River Associations and is sponsored by Patagonia as part of their Environmental Benefits Program. Secondary sponsors include Salomon, Smartwool, Montrail, Honey Stinger […]

Climbing news links, March 29, 2005

by Tom Markiewicz on March 29, 2005

How to touch Everestā??s base Himalayan challenge for Everest base camp. Rock climbers have an outlet a stone’s throw away Climbing in the San Diego, California area. Michigan woman sets out to conquer highest peak in the Americas Aconcagua climb to raise money for adventure opportunities for local families. Menno Boermans: Frozen images from Broad […]

The 10 essentials for emergency wilderness survival

by Tom Markiewicz on March 28, 2005

The bible of climbing and mountaineering instructional literature is Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills published by The Mountaineers. I’ve read and studied that book cover to cover numerous times and now the experts from The Mountaineers have put out some guidelines for wilderness survival. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer has a useful article on the ten […]

The legend of sweet death

by Tom Markiewicz on March 28, 2005 has an article on phenomena of “sweet death”. After last year’s Everest season, climbers trickled in to ExWeb’s office bringing with them tales of summits but also some alarming news. All over the mountain, climbers had been falling asleep. All had been shook awake by Sherpas; most weren’t aware how close to death they’d […]

Avalanche Kills Climber at Quandary Peak

by Tom Markiewicz on March 28, 2005 reports that two climbers were hit by an avalanche at Quandary Peak in Colorado’s Tenmile Range. One of the climbers emerged with only minor injuries while the other died.

Babes on belay

by Tom Markiewicz on March 22, 2005

I’ve seen some recent email traffic as well as some posts (rexblog, fishbowlNY) regarding the latest issue of Outside magazine. An article entitled “Babes on Belay” and the accompanying picture shoot sure have some people up in arms. I haven’t read the article yet, nor was I planning to, but it has now been adding […]

Site reconstruction under way

by Tom Markiewicz on March 22, 2005

You may have noticed that the site is slightly different the past two days. Two major changes have occurred. First, using Movable Type as the publishing software was just simply not working. There are many aspects of MT that I like, but there were too many errors occurring and numerous maintenance issues I had to […]