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by Tom Markiewicz on March 22, 2005

Blogs and Individual Sites

Climbing Narcissist
The Climbing
Wired Nut
the diary of a [newbie] rock climber
Shady Goings On
Jack Roberts
Mack Muir
Will Gadd
Glacial Erratics
Gritstone & Chips
Greg’s Climbing Blog
John Gill

Climbing Areas

Chamonix Valley Climbing
Climb PA
Climbing Boulder
Climbing Joshua Tree
New England Climbs
Rock Climbing in Europe
Cooper’s Rock, WV
Texas Mountaineers
Texas Climbers
Scottish Climbing Archive
Costa Blanca (Spain) Climbing


Front Range Bouldering
New England Bouldering
Bouldering Domain
Gunks Bouldering
North Carolina Bouldering

Ice Climbing
Cold Climbs UK
Central Pennsylvania Ice Climbing
North East Ice – Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ontario Ice Climbing

Climbing News and Information

Rack Simulator
Spadout – rock climbing magazine
Online Climbing Guide
Everest News
Weekend Climber
ABC of Rock Climbing
Climbing on Stones

Climbing Organizations

Access Fund
American Alpine Club
Alpine Club of Canada
American Mountain Guides Association
American Safe Climbing Organization
Competitive Climbing Rank
USA Climbing
Ohio Climbers Association
Potomac Mountain Club
Southeastern Climbers Coalition
Gunks Climbers Coalition
Red River Gorge Climbers’ Coalition
Pennsylvania Alliance of Climbers
Salt Lake Climbers’ Alliance
Cooper’s Rock Regional Climbers Coalition (CRRCC)

Climbing Media

Style of Gravity

Guides and Travel

Scandinavian Mountains over 2000 Metres
The Mountain Company – Outdoor And Adventure Travel in Himalayas
Southwest Vacation Travel
Hiking Holidays

Additional Links

Yosemite Blog
Outdoor Resources
World Outdoor Web – Snowboards and Snowboarding Equipment

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