May 2005

Best cliffs in region denied to climbers

by Tom Markiewicz on May 20, 2005 reports that climbers are being denied access to the granite cliffs of Cochrane Lane after the Gagetown military base posted no trespassing signs this spring. The Cochrane Lane cliffs located in the valley above the Nerepis River in Welsford has over 300 documented climbing routes.

Ed Viesturs stalls on climb in Himalayas

by Tom Markiewicz on May 12, 2005

UPDATE: Viesturs has summited Annapurna and has become first American to climb all 14 of the world’s 8,000-meter peaks. Ed Viesturs is on hold at 23,000 feet in the Himalayas on his current attempt at Annapurna. The worldâ??s 10th-highest peak is the last on the list for Viesturs’ attempt to become the first American to […]

North American Rock Climbing Survey

by Tom Markiewicz on May 9, 2005

From the Access Fund: This study is being conducted by the Department of Natural Resources at the School of Natural Resources, University of Arizona in collaboration with the Centre for Tourism Policy and Research at the School of Resources and Environmental Management, Simon Fraser University. The Access Fund and the Climbers Access Society of British […]

Slacklining on campus

by Tom Markiewicz on May 9, 2005

The Daily Illini has an article on slacklining. Slacklining is one of a few tangent activities related to climbing. Others include a technique based climb called bouldering. Bouldering does not use a rope but stays relatively close to the ground. The strength and power needed to boulder help a climber to solve problems in routing […]

Climbing news of the bizarre

by Tom Markiewicz on May 4, 2005

This was just too strange not to post. Climbing a mountain of Chinese buns… I just wish I could find a picture of this online.

Korean Completes Grand Slam of Mountaineering

by Tom Markiewicz on May 2, 2005

The Korea Times reports that South Korean Park Young-seok reached the North Pole which would make him the first person to climb 14 8,000 meter peaks, climb the seven summits, and reach the North and South Poles.

Canyoneering to appreciate the desert

by Tom Markiewicz on May 1, 2005

The Rocky Mountain News has an article on canyoneering including recommended gear, resources, and routes.