Rock climbing games

by Tom Markiewicz on December 30, 2005

From this blog’s “I never knew these existed” category, BoardGameGeek has a listing of games with a rock climbing theme. I especially like Rock Jocks.

In this game, each player takes the part of an “xtreme” rock climber trying to be the first to scale RockJocks Mountain. Each climber has “super-strechin’ arms” that hold on to the top of the cliff. Players alternate turns grabbing and playing “rock tokens” that say what to do on each turn, and place plastic animals (goats, vultures, snakes; even the ominous Yeti) onto the enemy climber’s legs and arms. But be carefull! Your opponent just might have a reversal token, and you’ll have to put the animal on your OWN climber! The more animals you hang, the more your climber’s arms stretch – and when there’s too much hanging off of him, he’ll tumble off the mountain! Rock Jocks is another of those suprisingly fun dexterity/action games that was intended for kids, but can be really entertaining between sessions of other, deeper games.

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