August 2007

Small change to Climbing Blog Focus series

by Tom Markiewicz on August 14, 2007

I’m announcing a little bit of a change on All Climbing’s newest series – Climbing Blog Focus. In addition to my own climbing blog surfing, many bloggers have contacted me to include their blogs as well. To be honest, I have now found so many I don’t think I can do them justice in the […]

Climbing Blog Focus: Climbing Narcissist

by Tom Markiewicz on August 13, 2007

The Climbing Narcissist has been on a blogging tear since starting his blog in February. Delivering heavy does of climbing news and opinion, I love the liberal addition of excellent climbing videos. For a sample of the quality posts, check out this one on bouldering impacts in Rocky Mountain National Park. My only suggestion for […]

The Wall Street Journal writes that Liz Claiborne, the relatively new owner of the climber favorite Prana, is on a list of companies and brands they’re considering for sale or discontinuation. The 16 brands that Claiborne will try to sell or license out or possibly discontinue are Sigrid Olsen, Prana, Ellen Tracy, Dana Buchman, Mac […]