October 2008

Online Bouldering Guide for Boone, North Carolina

by Tom Markiewicz on October 31, 2008

Recently I had a brief Twitter discussion with @WasatchGirl who is currently on an extended climbing trip. She was in Boone and wondering if there was any printed guidebook available. From my last visit I didn’t think there was any, but I did remember a few resources online that I had bookmarked. Unfortunately, I couldn’t […]

Ice Climbing Season is Fast Approaching

by Tom Markiewicz on October 29, 2008

When I lived in the Washington DC area, one of the (few) benefits was being able to get cheap flights on Southwest to New Hampshire. This allowed us to take trips for ice climbing in the White Mountains. I attended the Mt. Washington Valley Ice Festival numerous times and had a blast. The ice climbing […]

John Muir and the Yosemite Museum

by Tom Markiewicz on October 24, 2008

The Wall Street Journal has an interesting article on John Muir, his first ascent of Cathedral Peak in 1869, and the recent exhibit in the Yosemite Museum called “Granite Frontiers: A Century of Yosemite Climbing.” Muir was Yosemite’s first climbing bum — a rara avis then, but a species that is not at all endangered […]

Chris Sharma Slide Show at the New River Gorge

by Tom Markiewicz on October 17, 2008

For those if you in the Southeast or Mid-Atlantic regions of the U.S., there’s an upcoming event you won’t want to miss. Chris Sharma is coming to the New River Gorge on Saturday, October 25th, 2008. He’ll be there for a slide show and the Dead Point Magazine Launch. From the New River Mountain Guides: […]

New Release of ClimbingVibe

by Tom Markiewicz on October 14, 2008

Since the release last month of ClimbingVibe, we’ve received a lot of traffic and numerous suggestions on how to make the site better for climbers. Many of those improvements have been implemented and today we’re launching a new release that features the following: easier voting – logged in users can now vote on either the […]

Hans Florine and Yuji Hiriyama broke their own speed record on The Nose, El Capitan in Yosemite by 6 minutes recording a new time of 2:37:05 on Sunday, October 12. The Nose, which celebrates its 50 anniversary this year, is one of the world’s most famous rock climbs and was first ascended over a five […]

Hardest Boulder Problems in America

by Tom Markiewicz on October 9, 2008

B3Bouldering has created a new resource where the hardest boulder problems in America will be tracked. He’s encouraging anyone that has additional info to contact him or leave a comment.

How to make a prusik knot

by Tom Markiewicz on October 8, 2008

The prusik hitch may be pretty basic for many readers, but there are certain essential knots that every climber should know. The American Alpine Institute has posted a great video illustrating the prusik knot. Alpinists keep a variety of technical tools in their back-pockets. One of the most important tools is the prusik hitch. The […]

Trailer for the upcoming Echo Wall climbing film

by Tom Markiewicz on October 7, 2008

Echo Wall is an upcoming climbing film by Dave MacLeod focusing on cutting edge trad climbing on the north face of Ben Nevis in Scotland. The following is a trailer of the film due late October 2008:

Bouldering Colorado Slideshow with Bob Horan

by Tom Markiewicz on October 3, 2008

Neptune Mountaineering in Boulder hosted a slideshow last night presented by Bob Horan, author of the new and highly controversial guidebook Bouldering Colorado. Honestly, I was hoping some of the book’s most vocal detractors would show up for an open debate (hopefully more entertaining than the VP debate happening simultaneously), but there was a relatively […]