November 2008

Followup to Climbing Shoe Rubber Test Results

by Tom Markiewicz on November 27, 2008

Mark Silliman, founder of Spadout, provided me the following feedback on the climbing shoe rubber study I recently posted: I wouldn’t have touched the climbing rubber test if I wasn’t willing to get criticized. This is a very hot topic. Obviously tests will always only determine how well products do against that individual test. Our […]

Top Climbing Gear Deals for the Holidays

by Tom Markiewicz on November 26, 2008

It’s that time of year again. The holiday season is upon us and retailers will be going especially crazy this year to try and boost sales in this recessionary climate. I don’t know about you, but I stay away from the stores on Black Friday and do any shopping entirely online. With that in mind, […]

Climbing Video: Natalija Gros Climbs Histerija 8c+

by Tom Markiewicz on November 25, 2008

Natalija Gros of Slovenia makes an ascent of Histerija (8c+) in this documentary video of sport climbing. The clip has great climbing footage and the musical score is very different from what is normally heard on most climbing videos, but it absolutely fits well here. Natalija Gros from Jure Breceljnik on Vimeo. (via Joost, TubeGuide)

Climbing Shoe Rubber Test Results

by Tom Markiewicz on November 24, 2008

Most climbers have a preference for climbing shoe rubber and love to argue about which is the best. Spadout sponsored a test of nine popular climbing shoe rubbers and published the results. The surprising winner was the Evolv Trax XT-5. There is one big issue I’d like to point out in this study. The test […]

Climbing Food Review: Clif ZBars

by Tom Markiewicz on November 19, 2008

Today’s guest post is from Ryan Wanger, a climber who writes at The Reluctant Eater. Clif. The name is synonymous with climbing (perhaps it’s the logo?). If you’re like me, then you’ve always enjoyed Clif Bars, but rarely buy them because frankly, you’re a cheapskate. Nutritious? Yep. All natural? Absolutely. Tasty? You betcha! In fact, […]

Adam Ondra Repeats Open Air 9a+

by Tom Markiewicz on November 18, 2008

Adam Ondra has made the second ascent of Alex Huber’s 55m long Open Air (9a+) at Schleier Wasserfall, Austria. Huber established the route in 1996 and it took Ondra nine attempts over five days for the recent send. (via, Czech Climbing, and Momentum Video)

Better Way to Mark Your Climbing Gear

by Tom Markiewicz on November 14, 2008

The GearFlogger reviews an insanely useful accessory for climbing gear. The Mark epoxy from Boulder Based Designs is like a condom for your gear: a prophylactic to prevent that expensive piece from walking away, accidentally or otherwise. Just mix the two ingredients and have about a 30 minute working time to apply to gear. 24 […]

Adventure Film Festival Celebrates Five Years

by Tom Markiewicz on November 6, 2008

Entering its fifth year, the 2008 Adventure Film Festival starts today and ends November 11 in Boulder, Colorado. Focusing on all types of adventure, the festival bills itself as an international venue for independent films. “I’ve been exposed to an incredible world of adventure through years of expeditions and work in outdoor media,” said founder […]