Climbing Video: Alex Puccio on Trice (v12)

by Tom Markiewicz on September 1, 2009

From Brian Solano‘s The Players, here’s a nicely shot sequence of Alex Puccio on Trice (v12) at Flagstaff Mountain in Boulder, Colorado. Alex Puccio – Trice V12 from Brian Solano on Vimeo.

Review: Tuolumne Bouldering by SuperTopo

by Tom Markiewicz on August 17, 2009

Back in 2002, I had a business trip to Silicon Valley and took a long weekend to head to Yosemite for some bouldering. There was only a smallish guidebook to the Valley bouldering at the time, but it was enough to get around and for me to sample the bouldering. Since it was the middle […]

Bouldering Crash Pad Questions from Tourists

by Tom Markiewicz on August 14, 2009

It still surprises me how frequently I get questions and comments about my crash pad from “tourists” while bouldering. Jon McCartie has a great essay discussing these often humorous exchanges. Son: ‚??Look dad! Look at the rock climbers!‚?Ě Dad: ‚??Yeah, son ‚?? they‚??re practicing their rock climbing.‚?Ě (No, sir! This is rock climbing‚?¶ my goal […]

Climbing Magazine has a detailed bouldering tech tip on how to top out on a boulder problem (obviously for those slopey, nasty ones).

Daniel Woods Bouldering in Red Rocks Video

by Tom Markiewicz on May 4, 2009

Following up on the launch of DPM HDTV a couple weeks ago with two videos, Dead Point Magazine now has five on their site. The most recent climbing video is Daniel Woods on Wet Dream and Abaddon in Red Rocks, Nevada filmed by Carlo Traversi. The last two added were James Litz on the first […]

Review of Rocky Mountain Highball

by Tom Markiewicz on April 28, 2009

When I saw the premier of Pure back in February, I mentioned in the notes about the trailer for Rocky Mountain Highball. At the time, I was really disappointed since the premier was scheduled for April 27, the due date for my daughter. Well, it turns out one of the side benefits of her being […]

Rocky Mountain Highball Trailer

by Tom Markiewicz on March 26, 2009

Back in February, I reviewed the climbing movie Pure. At that film’s premier in Boulder, the audience had the first glimpse of the upcoming film, Rocky Mountain Highball. At the time, I remember being very excited for the premier on April 27. I’m not 100% positive, but this latest trailer seems to be much longer […]

Alex Johnson Sends Maze of Death

by Tom Markiewicz on March 20, 2009

Alex Johnson sent Maze of Death (V12) on only five attempts for the second female ascent. The problem is located in the Bardini boulders at Bishop. (via Bishop Bouldering Blog, Kelly McBride, and TheLowDown)

Nicely done climbing video of bouldering in the Buttermilks (Bishop, California) from Jon Glassberg featuring sends of Pope’s Prow (V5), Checkerboard (V8), Stained Glass (V10), Evilution to the Lip (V10), and The Mandala (V12). The Buttermilks from Jon Glassberg on Vimeo.

Climbing Video: The Monthly Dose from Bleau

by Tom Markiewicz on March 7, 2009

Following up on the recent link to the Fontainebleau bouldering guide, points out the Monthly Dose from Bleau video:

Guide to Bouldering in Fontainebleau, France

by Tom Markiewicz on March 4, 2009

photo credit: ~ Phil Moore offers up a comprehensive guide to bouldering at Fontainebleau, France complete with how to train, the local rating system, when to go, and where to stay. It has been used as a bouldering area since the 1870s and has almost continuously remained at the centre of the world bouldering […]

Bouldering Competition Formats

by Tom Markiewicz on February 25, 2009

Sean McColl examines the various bouldering competition formats and discusses how he prefers the zone format scoring system. Another reason why I like the zone is because it rewards smarter climbers rathan than always the strongest. I‚??ve seen very strong competitors make mistakes during qualifyers and semis and as a result, they did not make […]