120 Moves of Climbing

by Tom Markiewicz on July 15, 2009

I’ve started reading the book One Move Too Many as it was recommended to me by several different climbers. I’ll be posting my full thoughts when I’ve finished the book, but I can already tell you that this is a must have for any climber, especially those dealing with specific injuries. One idea from the […]

Bouldering Colorado Slideshow with Bob Horan

by Tom Markiewicz on October 3, 2008

Neptune Mountaineering in Boulder hosted a slideshow last night presented by Bob Horan, author of the new and highly controversial guidebook Bouldering Colorado. Honestly, I was hoping some of the book’s most vocal detractors would show up for an open debate (hopefully more entertaining than the VP debate happening simultaneously), but there was a relatively […]

Coopers Rock bouldering guide

by Tom Markiewicz on October 3, 2007

Dan Brayack recently released his bouldering guide to Coopers Rock, WV. Published by Falcon Guides, the guide contains over 400 problems concentrated in 3 major areas. As I’m originally from Western PA, I’ve climbed at Coopers numerous times over the years and can tell you that this guide was sorely needed. Using beta from fellow […]

The Carolina Climbers Coalition reports that a new Rumbling Bald Bouldering guidebook will be available this fall at Southeast retailers. Features include an full color format, nearly 900 boulder problems described, topos and photos of problems, and general area-specific information. More info can be found here (PDF).

The Boys of Everest

by Tom Markiewicz on November 30, 2006

Clint Willis has a new book out, The Boys of Everest, which was a finalist for the 2006 Banff Mountain Literature Award. The Boys of Everest: Chris Bonington and the Tragedy of Climbing’s Greatest Generation is a story of tremendous courage, staggering achievement, and heart-breaking loss. Boningtonā??s inner circleā??they came to be known as Boningtonā??s […]

Rock Climbing Europe

by Tom Markiewicz on May 15, 2006

Stewart Green, author of Rock Climbing Colorado and other guides, has written a new climbing guide to Europe called Rock Climbing Europe. “Rock Climbing Europe” is an oversized, sturdily bound paperback guide that Green finished after 15 trips to Europe for research, climbing and interviews with climbers. “When I started going to Europe in the […]

The 10 essentials for emergency wilderness survival

by Tom Markiewicz on March 28, 2005

The bible of climbing and mountaineering instructional literature is Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills published by The Mountaineers. I’ve read and studied that book cover to cover numerous times and now the experts from The Mountaineers have put out some guidelines for wilderness survival. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer has a useful article on the ten […]

Peak Gritsone book review

by Tom Markiewicz on February 28, 2005

Years ago I had the opportunity to do some bouldering on English gritstone while in the Peak District. Despite it being an ugly, rainy, gray day, I had an incredible time bouldering there. Shady Goings On has a good review of Peak Gritstone: East by RockFax. The RockFax site also has some comprehensive resources for […]