Weekly Twitter Updates for 2009-12-20

by Tom Markiewicz on December 20, 2009

RT @climbingnarc CCC And Access Fund To Purchase Bouldering Area In North Carolina #climb # RT @MetoliusClimb 20% off all Metolius Cams – Coupon code: 1260229769 – Holiday Special ends today # RT @SuperTopo: If you slackline or highline you MUST read this! # iTopoMaps: Technology in the Wilderness # […]

Weekly Twitter Updates for 2009-12-13

by Tom Markiewicz on December 13, 2009

Girth Hitching a Stopper #climb (via @BlackDiamondUSA) # RT @climbingnarc Cool List Of 5.14d And Harder Climbs/Climbers #climb # Ice climbing guide to Boulder's Flatirons #climb # RT @splitterchoss The Ice Climbing Season is Here! 3climb # RT @climbingnarc MSA Redpoint Descender Auto Belay Discontinued Indefinitely #climb # Amazing dyno […]

Weekly Twitter Updates for 2009-12-06

by Tom Markiewicz on December 6, 2009

Extending Cam Slings #climb # RT @climbingnarc #climb New V14 In Austria By Daniel Woods # RT @rockmonkeyart Back in boulder after tday in Indian creek and a wild rukus… # Chris Schulte FAs new problems at Mount Evans, Colorado #climb (via @BlackDiamondUSA) # RT @splitterchoss Interview with Dave Pegg of […]

Weekly Twitter Updates for 2009-11-29

by Tom Markiewicz on November 29, 2009

RT @AlpineInstitute Lynn Hill: Visualization and Patience #climb # The velcro on my Miuras are not sticking anymore. Anyone have suggestions for cleaning/repairing velcro on climbing shoes? #climb # Matt Wilder making Midnight Lightning look easy #climb (via @MetoliusClimb) # Disciples of Gill: New film chronicles climbing innovators #climb (via @dailycamera) # […]

Weekly Twitter Updates for 2009-11-22

by Tom Markiewicz on November 22, 2009

Bouldering in Ohio #climb #bouldering # The Sin of Sponsorship #climb (via @clmbmore, @lstefurak) # Conrad Anker climbing on Eldorado Canyon's famed Naked Edge #climb (via @BlackDiamondUSA) # Top 5 Rocky Mountain National Park Ice Climbs #climb (@via @RMNP4MS, @jennfields) # Climbers Find Relics Where Archaeologists Can’t! #climb (via @Sierratp) […]

Weekly Twitter Updates for 2009-11-15

by Tom Markiewicz on November 15, 2009

Sunburn in the mountains #climb #mountaineering # RT @Smart_Climbing explaining why graded exposure works better than flooding for falling off practice #climb # Win An Access Fund Holiday Pack #climb (via @climbingnarc) # How Big Is Your Rack? new post by Kelly Cordes #climb (via @lstefurak) # RT @splitterchoss The How […]

Alternatives to Climbing When You Have an Injury

by Tom Markiewicz on March 3, 2009

As climbers, we’re always getting injures – that’s just part of the game. Hopefully your injuries are minor; but when an injury makes you stop climbing for an extended period of time, another outlet is needed for all that obsession. ClimbingNarc has an injury and recently asked on Twitter for some suggestions on non-climbing activities […]

ThinkClimbing, a Resource for Climbers on Twitter

by Tom Markiewicz on February 9, 2009

As Twitter hits the mainstream, climbers are increasingly using the service to communicate and share. A few months ago, the Rock Climber Girl took the initiative to setup a wiki to keep a list of the growing number of climbers on Twitter. Unfortunately, manually maintaining a wiki was going to be too much work as […]

Looking for Climbers on Twitter?

by Tom Markiewicz on December 9, 2008

I was recently trying to compile a list of climbers with accounts on Twitter, but found out Rock Climber Girl beat me to it! Luckily, I barely started my list so I’m currently helping edit and maintain her list of climbers who use Twitter. If you use Twitter, please check the wiki and if you’re […]