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Welcome to All Climbing

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I’ve been climbing for a relatively long time now (15 years this summer) and I’ve never stopped being excited and passionate about the sport. I’ve tried all types of climbing and have found enjoyment in aspects of all the disciplines of climbing. And I’m not alone in my love of climbing. Though a small niche when it comes to sports, the climbing community is unparalleled in its fostering of friendships and quest for knowledge and information. Despite the existence of a some outstanding magazines (Climbing and Rock & Ice) and the most exhaustive source of literature created on behalf of any existing sport, the web is where the future lies. In that vein, I’ve lamented at the severe lack of quality web sites from which to get new information, discussion, and insights into the sport. There are a few good ones out that have gained significant traction, being the leader. But there still seems to be a lack of sites that are maintained and updated on a regular basis.

With the recent proliferation of blogs and all their surrounding technologies, I hope to create a climbing blog to move this effort a bit forward in my own small way. In my web searching I’ve found very few true blogs for climbing only, so maybe I’ll be a bit of a pioneer for this niche. We’ll see how it goes and hopefully the site will gain a few readers along the way.

If anyone has any comments, concerns, or questions (especially thoughts on improving the site), please contact me.

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  1. link

    I’d like to know if it is possible to add a link to your linklist.

    We are 3 students from Europe and our webpage is
    our goal is to produce climbing movies for all kind of climbers.

    Our last movie ?The Trip? was shown at more than 15 International festivals ( and won several prizes (

    Just check out the page. I think that?s the best way to inform yourself about what we are doing.

    We just put our new trailer on the webpage which is about about an climbing/paragliding and surfingroadtrip from Canada to Mexico.

    Well thanks a lot
    Yours Stefan

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